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Greenline Tunisie activité Recycling
Recycling / GREEN LINE

GREEN LINE places environmental issues at the heart of its development strategy in order to be among the leaders in resources preservation and ecosystems protection by providing innovative solutions for millions of people and for industries in waste management.

Plastic recycling
GREEN LINE has a subsidiary of plastic wastes processing and valorization with sort centers that cover several geographical zones, grinding factories and PET washing line.
Paper recycling
A sort’s line makes the isolation of any type of paper in order to allow a reuse for these materials to industrials without resorting to new resources generated at the expense of the environment by vegetations destruction.
Used oils’ recycling
GREENLINE picks up used oils and greasiness through its collection system of non-hazardous liquid wastes that are analyzed in each reception to do thereafter the necessary processing and to export them to their pure shape to biodiesel industry factories and other users of such types of wastes.
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Metals collected by scrap dealers and other small collectors are processed and stocked depending on their nature. Branch metal processing has a foundry that allows metals’ valorization in order to be closer to their raw shape.
Textile recycling
Textile wastes are collected by confection factories and sorted depending on their composition. These wastes are then baled and exported to textile valorization factories.
Head Office
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ZI Ben Arous, Angle Street rue Annaba of physics
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