GREEN LINE Presentation

GREEN LINE which is aGREEN LINE which is a subsidiary of an international group, is a worldwide actor in the fields of international trade, recycling and raw materials’ valorization. Thanks to 6 factories and 8 representative offices throughout the world, GREEN LINE provides effective and innovative solutions to satisfy its customers’ needs in the 5 continents assuring a best price and respecting the required quality.

GREEN LINE is organized by specialized sector whose 3 companies act in recycling and raw materials’ valorization field for several industries. GREENLINE has also 2 international trade companies organized by sector each one develops specialized networks in selective research of markets and products that satisfy its customers’ demands at the international scale.

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Head Office
Dorra Centre, Block B2092 Manar III
Tel: +216 71 282 661
Fax: +216 71 282 662
ZI Ben Arous, Angle Street rue Annaba of physics
Tel: +216 71 382 077
Fax: +216 71 386 874